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One hour sessions for adult individuals and couples in person and by telephone and video.
Every person is unique and has unique needs, We find a way of working together that fits you and your goals. We can find an approach that works for you. 

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 I can help you with:
  • relationship issues

  • separation and divorce

  • parenting issues

  • life transitions

  • workplace challenges

  • childhood trauma

  • grief and loss

  • chronic illness


  • settlement in Canada

  • managing ADHD

  • stress

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • anger management

  • and more

*Please note: I can see people who live in Nova Scotia and can provide services electronically to people in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. 

Kinds of Therapy:

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Individuals

A proven intervention based in attachment theory that helps couples develop a more secure emotional bond.

Work with individuals is to support relationships with themselves and others. 


Internal Family Systems Therapy

A transformative model of psychotherapy that accepts that the mind is naturally multiple and works with our internal parts to become integrated and whole.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

 Uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies as well as commitment and behavior-change strategies to increase your ability to respond to situations in a more flexible way.  


Based on your positive and negative beliefs, helps your brain process your experiences to break through the emotional blocks that are keeping you from living an adaptive, healthy life.

Mental Health Training:
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In-person and online workshops for organizations and community groups to help people gain knowledge and build skills to support their mental health.

Workshops on:

  • Building Your Resilience Skills 

  • Stress Management Skills

  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace

  • And more...

"Donna’s 'Building Your Resilience in Difficult Times' workshop was full of helpful strategies for finding more calm and positivity within ourselves. She was welcoming and encouraging, and she created a safe space for people to ask questions and engage with the techniques she shared.  I think everyone left feeling like they had some more tools in their toolbox.  Highly recommended!"  Tara Day, participant.

New Clients

You can have a free 15 minute telephone consultation to answer your questions and see how we can work together. 


Tuesday-Friday 9:30-5:30

Some Saturdays 9:30-3:30.

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