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Eight Things You Can Do to Reduce Anxiety in a Pandemic

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

In the middle of pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear, and we can become overly anxious. Here are a few tips to help prevent getting too anxious by taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  • Limit your exposure to news and social media if it starts to feel overwhelming.

  • Eat healthy foods with fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. We can be attracted to carbohydrate rich foods when we are anxious.

  • Set a regular sleep schedule to help your body get enough sleep and provide structure and consistency in your days.

  • Use alcohol and cannabis in moderation and not daily. Try not to self-medicate by relying on substances to calm you.

  • Exercise regularly. The gym is good but any movement will do; walking, dancing, cleaning the house, or gardening.

  • Do things you enjoy. Get out in nature.

  • Try mindfulness practices or relaxation exercises. There are many apps available with guided meditations.

  • Connect with any spiritual practices that are meaningful to you, whether praying, communing with nature, meditation, or journaling and reflection.

And if anxiety is affecting your ability to manage your life, I'm available for support


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