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Moving From Fear Zone to Learning and Growth Zones in Covid 19

Updated: Jul 6, 2020


In my last blog, I talked about how through the Covid 19 pandemic, many of us have been bumped out of our Comfort Zone and into the Fear Zone. While clearly difficult, this can create an opportunity for us if we are able to find ways to move from a place of fear to a place of learning and eventually to a place of growth. The obvious question is Here are some tips.

Tips for Moving Through the Fear Zone

  • Acknowledge that you are experiencing fear and give yourself permission to be have all the feelings you are having. We tend to want to push fear away, but staying with the feeling, as hard as that is, can actually help us work with it.

  • Remember you are not alone. Those you live with and indeed most people are experiencing fear and worry as we come to terms with a situation we’ve never been in before with no clear ending.

  • Talk to others and share, if you feel comfortable. Knowing that you are not the only one having these thoughts and feelings can help. Also, talking to others may help put your fears into perspective. Sometimes having a good laugh with others can be a great release.

  • Find ways to work with your mind and body. This may be through mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, qigong, yoga, or going outside and paying attention to the world around you, These practices can help centre you and calm your mind and body. There are many online video workshops and demonstrations being offered where you can get some direction in doing mind-body practices.

  • Reflect on what works for you and what doesn’t. What can you learn from this experience? What can you try differently next time? Remember, there is no such thing as a mistake, just a learning opportunity.

Focusing on learning from this unprecedented situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, rather than getting lost in fears and worry, can give us a sense of purpose and direction. And interestingly, having a sense of purpose and direction can lesson our fears.


In Nova Scotia, there are many resources both to get counselling and support, and to access videos and education on mindfulness. Follow this link


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