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Resilience Through Covid 19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

This is a time of tumultuous change, of not knowing, and of loss and fear. In Nova Scotia, we’ve had the restrictions and deaths from the Covid 19 pandemic, coupled with the mass shootings last month where 22 people lost their lives, and last week the helicopter crash in Greece where 6 Canadian Armed Forces personnel based in Halifax lost their lives. That’s a lot for any community, and for any of us to endure.


Resilience is the capacity to withstand hardship, bounce back and even grow. It is what we develop and test through adversity. We will need resilience now and as we move into rebuilding our lives as Covid 19 restrictions are gradually lifted.

Resilient People

Here are a few characteristics of resilient people. They…

  • Look at what they do have control over and take action.

  • Believe their actions make a difference.

  • Are resourceful problem solvers.

  • Can remain open, flexible and ready to adapt.

  • Have a sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Are connected with people who can support them.

Tips to Develop More Resilience

You may see yourself in the description above, which is great. We can also all develop our ability to be more resilient. Here are some tips:

  • Recognize that life is full of challenges, it’s part of being alive in this world.

  • Accept that there are things you cannot control. Focus on the things you can control and look at what you can do.

  • Ask yourself, “What positive things have come out of this challenge? What can I learn from this experience?”

  • Nurture your relationships with people in your life. Support them and don’t be afraid to ask for support.

I see resilience in the people of Nova Scotia who in all this adversity have found ways within the restrictions of Covid 19 to remember those lost by holding candlelight and online vigils, and drive through and online memorials, and through offerings of flowers and hearts. Signs of resilience across Canada are actions like the fly over of the Canadian Snowbirds to show support and unity. Resilience is in part about community and connections, and these actions make a difference to all of us.

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